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Mississippi can now ban dangerous caffeine products

Powdered Caffeine, Source: WLBT Powdered Caffeine, Source: WLBT
TALLAHATCHIE COUNTY (Mississippi News Now) -

Cities and counties in Mississippi can now move forward to ban dangerous caffeine products from purchase by persons under the age of 18, Rep. Tommy Reynolds announced today.

“In a June 19 opinion, the Attorney General's Office has confirmed the right of municipal and county governments to enact ordinances that will keep minors from purchasing these potentially lethal products,” Reynolds said.

The opinion was issued in response to Reynold's request for affirmation that the cities and counties could enact such ordinances.

During the 2015 Legislative session, Reynolds authored Noah's Law in response to the accidental death of Noah Smith, a rising senior from Water Valley, who had ingested Caffeine pills for energy. The pills caused his death.

“The House passed this measure, and it was killed in the Senate committee,” Reynolds said. “This was a great disappointment to many of us who believe it was a public safety measure.”

“The Attorney General's Office rightly opined that in the absence of a state law covering this matter, the cities and counties can act to protect their minor children from the dangers of the sale of unregulated caffeine powders and pills,” Reynolds said.

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