Same sex marriage: Sealed with a kiss - - Jackson, MS

Same sex marriage: Sealed with a kiss

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - Same sex couples rushed to courthouses again for marriage licenses.  This after Circuit Clerk's got the green light from the State Attorney General.

You might say rainbows were flying over the  Courthouse Monday in downtown Jackson. Supporters of  same sex marriage were celebrating a victory. One they thought was close but didn't imagine it would come so quickly. 

It began last year with a legal challenge by the Campaign for Southern Equality.

Hinds County Circuit Clerk Barbara Dunn said she talked with the Attorney General's office and confirmed it was fine to issue licenses around 11:00 a.m. Monday morning. She said Jim Hood told her "And if comes out if that's not the right thing to do, you won't get in any trouble. but if you do not issue it, you may be sued." 

Despite the new advice, officials in three of Mississippi's 10 most populous counties; DeSoto, Jackson and Jones, told The Associated Press they're not issuing licenses to same-sex couples as of early Monday afternoon. That remaining confusion would be cleared away by the 5th  U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals lifting its earlier block on same-sex marriages. Hood says he's asking the appeals court to act quickly.

Couples flooded the courthouse and some of them wasted no time, exchanging vows outside on the courthouse lawn.

Cyndi Lott and her partner, Evelyn expressed their joy Monday morning.  

"We get to be a  part of something that's much bigger than her and I," said Cyndi. "But we also get to teach our daughter the same core values that we had to live through to get to this point. so we get to carry on history through her."

There was a hitch. Friday,  Jim  Hood urged clerks to not issue licenses until a federal appeals court took action to lift  an earlier block.

Hood changed that advice Monday, despite a lack of action, at the appeals court.

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