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CONSIDER THIS: Your flag feedback

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There is a lot of passion when it comes to Mississippi's flag. Last week's commentary suggesting that we need to change our flag generated a lot of feedback. There was a consistent theme on each side of the debate.

“Today's commentary was typical and idiotic. Mississippi voters, both black and white, overwhelmingly voted to keep flag,” said Doc X.

Marc Taylor had a different perspective, 

“Tonight on Consider This you expressed my views of the state flag exactly, said Marc Taylor. "Even down to asking others to consider bringing back the very beautiful and meaningful Magnolia Flag. We need a flag to represent all Mississippians and be an accurate symbol to the world that our state is forward thinking and progressive not stuck in an unfortunate bigoted past.”

Thanks Doc and Marc, and all of you, for sharing your opinions. Being able to have a constructive, respectful debate and listen to varying perspective is helpful.

I still believe it will be a significant, positive step forward if we raise a flag that we can all embrace. I hope the hardened minds and hearts of the people opposed to that happening will soften.

I'll stand with Mississippi House Speaker Philip Gunn and other state leaders who are calling for a change. As Speaker Gunn said, “We must always remember our past, but that does not mean we must let it define us."

If we do hold on to the past, we'll deserve all the criticism, embarrassment, economic loss and pain as a result that choice.

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