Supreme Court ruling bittersweet for one Mississippi couple - - Jackson, MS

Supreme Court ruling bittersweet for one Mississippi couple

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Same-sex marriage laws have changed. Now, two women who have been the faces of that part of the movement are asking if hearts will follow suit.

Joce Pritchett and Carla Webb were among those who sued the state of Mississippi. They wanted the same sex marriage ban reversed. A judge ruled in their favor but it was all put on hold until Friday's Supreme Court decision.

"When they ruled, our marriage was automatically recognized in Mississippi, even though the others couldn't get married," said Pritchett. "But it still didn't really feel like a win until we saw those vows on the courthouse steps."

Joce Pritchett and Carla Webb had traveled to Maine to get married in 2013. That's why there were mixed emotions as they watched couples marrying Monday.

"It was a little bittersweet because we didn't get to get married here but it was nice to see those couples be able to do what they did," Webb explained. "They were so happy we couldn't feel anything but joy."

They're still coming to terms with their new reality.

"It's been a relief I think for me as much as anything it's been a relief that our family is finally safe," Pritchett noted. "I just feel safer."

Things that may seem run of the mill for other couples, had to be pre-planned for them.

"We're used to traveling with a stack of documents," said Pritchett. "We're used to carrying papers everywhere we go. So that if one person gets hurt the other person can make medical decisions."

That's no longer the case. The legal red tape is dissolving. But there are still things tugging at their heart strings.

"For me, it's dread that this is still coming up so much and there's so much attention on it," described Webb. "And I just want to live. I don't want to bunch of attention. I just want to be able to live normally like everybody else."

Pritchett and Webb have a growing calendar of weddings to attend.

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