This Morning on WLBT: New Laws Take Effect Today - - Jackson, MS

This Morning on WLBT: New Laws Take Effect Today

Good morning!

It's the first day of July. It's also the first day of the state's fiscal year, so all the laws passed by the legislature in the last session take effect today -- including one that does away with annual inspection stickers for your car. Coming up at about 6:05 this morning, Ashley Garner will have a live report on some of the other laws that might impact you.

Just in time for the 4th of July, Entergy Mississippi says the price you pay for electricity is going down. We'll tell you how much at about 6:07.

And after a stormy Tuesday, Meteorologist Julia Weiden says today should be a bit more stable -- but there's still a chance of rain this afternoon. She'll have the First  Alert Forecast all morning long.

Join Julia, Joy Redmond and me on WLBT from 5-7 this morning and on Fox 40 from 7-9!

If you won't be near a television, you can always watch our most recent newscast by clicking here.

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