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Walt's Look Around: Ms. Audrey's Country Kitchen

Ms. Audrey at Ms. Audrey's Country Kitchen Ms. Audrey at Ms. Audrey's Country Kitchen
GULFPORT, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Audrey Duncan is no happier than she is when she is in the kitchen of Ms. Audrey’s Country Kitchen in Gulfport. 

“This has been my dream for probably about 32 years,” she said.

I got a fortune cookie one time that said never quit dreaming. Nights get awfully boring without them. And days do, too. Dreams are the highway that gives you direction in life. They take you somewhere instead of you just wandering aimlessly. 

Audrey’s plans for this day started when she was a child at her mother’s side back home in Natchez.

“Well, my mother was a great cook. She worked for a lot of the antebellum homes in Natchez, MS, said Audrey. "And she built me a little footstool and I would get up on the footstool and I would get beside her and start, well, that’s where I really got my expertise was from my mother. And my dream was always to do just what I’m doing now.”

Audrey saw the empty spot in the palate of cuisine on the Coast and filled it.

“We really don’t have nowhere here as far as a good southern place to eat good southern food," said Audrey. "I mean, where everything is homemade. So, if you go to China, you want the best Chinese food. If you go to the South you want the best Southern food there is. So this was why I decided to open up Ms Audrey’s. It’s been wonderful. And it’s even more to see all people from all walks of life come together under one roof and break bread.”

The fulfillment of a dream, if it’s done properly, should dovetail into the next dream. 

Did it do so for Ms. Audrey?

“Yes, a bigger restaurant. Yes! That’s my next dream,” said Audrey.

A good dream is what gets you out of bed in the morning, and makes life so exciting it’s hard to go to sleep at night.  

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