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Log truck driver, single father of 3, killed in tragic accident

Glen Fuller.....Source: Family Glen Fuller.....Source: Family
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RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Lincoln county log truck driver lost his life in a tragic accident Wednesday, leaving behind three teenage children. He was killed when his log truck backed over him Wednesday off Haynes Chapel Road in Rankin County.

Investigators with the sheriff's department were taken aback by the deadly log truck accident that crushed 41-year-old Glen Ray Fuller beneath the rear tires of his trailer Wednesday.

It happened under a canopy of trees about a quarter of a mile down a muddy road off Haynes Chapel Road near Pelahatchie. The newly created dirt road was used by loggers and other heavy machinery to clear, cut and haul cut trees from the wooded area during site preparation.

"What they're having to do on this particular site, because the ground is so soft from the rain, is they're having to pull each vehicle out. So they have another vehicle attached to it they will pull with," said Rankin County Sheriff's Office Chief Investigator Raymond Duke. "The vehicle was pulling the log truck out. The driver was still securing his load, got trapped up under the rear of wheels of the trailer." 

The trailer was carrying 80,000 pounds of timber when his truck ran over him.

Fuller was a sub-contractor from Lincoln County. Officials say he was working for C & G Timber company in Brookhaven.

Investigators said the company owner was on site at the time and was traumatized by the log truck driver's death.

Fuller is the single father of a 15, 17 and 19 year old.

Other company workers, who were in the woods at the time, said they did not see anything and waited quietly in stunned disbelief on the roadside as medical examiners recovered Fuller's body.

OSHA will be investigating the accident. An autopsy will be conducted by the Mississippi Crime lab.

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