This Morning on WLBT: Gov. Plans Major Announcement - - Jackson, MS

This Morning on WLBT: Gov. Plans Major Announcement

Good morning.

Governor Phil Bryant and the governors of three other southern states will hold simultaneous press conferences at 8:00 this morning for what is being described as a "major" joint announcement. It's expected to be about the BP oil spill in 2010 and a major settlement between the company and the affected states that could result in many millions of dollars flowing to each state. We'll be monitoring the announcement, and we'll tell you what we know as soon as we sign on this morning.

There has been a terrible train derailment outside Knoxville, Tennessee. We're following the developments there and will have updates throughout the morning.

If you live in Jackson, you could get a knock at the door today -- not to sell you something, but to let you know that work is underway on your street. Jewell Hillery will have a live report on Operation: Orange Cone at 6:15.

There's a big mess to clean up at a Jackson church after a car drove into the building last night. We'll have the latest on what happened at 6:30.

Meteorologist Julia Weiden looks ahead to the Independence Day weekend, and Joy Redmond and I will have the news when you join us this morning from 5-7 on WLBT and 7-9 on Fox 40!

If you won't be near a television, you can always catch our most recent newscast by clicking here.

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