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Attorneys say BP economic loss claims could speed up

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

While the Gulf states announced they'll receive billions more in settlement money from BP, some folks are still waiting on their money.

The company has paid out more than five billion to businesses and individuals. Those are folks who filed economic loss claims after the spill.

"We have hundreds of clients that have been waiting for two or three years since the beginning of the claims process and we're still waiting every day," noted Attorney Allen Gressett with the Diaz Law Firm in Madison.

Gressett has already gotten calls from clients asking if they'll get more money from BP.

"They may not get more than they were going to get," said Gressett. "But right now the number that are getting a zero. So anything above that is more than they're getting right now."

But he hopes Thursday's settlement announcement will grease the wheels.

"So if this allows BP to kind of put their arms around the situation and understand what their liability's going to be," explained Gressett. "And that allows them to move more rapidly towards a resolution of all these claims, that is certainly good news for everybody."

Attorney Tim Porter is cautiously optimistic. He's helped clients through moving targets in the economic loss claims process.

"There have appeals that have gone on," Porter noted. "The system is kind of dragged on and one thing we learned is that BP has actually tried to change the agreement over the course of time."

Porter is reminding clients that Thursday's deal is not linked to the same settlement. Still, he's hopeful it will speed up the overall process. 
The deadline to file economic loss claims was June 8th.
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