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WALT'S LOOK AROUND: String band jam session

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RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Mississippi is the birthplace of American music. If you don’t believe me just go look at the slogan on your car tag.

One of the foundational musical platforms from which it grew filled the house at Hal and Connie Jeanes place in Rankin County, one of the pure music ingredients that made America, that of the good old string band.

It, combined with blues in varying strengths and flavors, brought us all the rest; Country, and Rock and Roll, which is the same thing only different, and Blue Grass, and it all morphed into jazz.

Hal Jeanes says these informal jam sessions, like the one at his house today, pop up several times a year with these devotees.

"My wife Connie and I are musicians and we’re supporters of the Mississippi Old Time Music Society which is a group that preserves the old time string band music in the genera the way it was played," said Jeanes. "What we’re doing here to day is hosting a jam session for the members that want to come out. And usually everybody brings a dish, pot luck is what we do. And thru the year different people host this event. So it happens three or four or five times a year at different people’s homes."

After the food is laid out, the music picks up again and on thru the afternoon.

"Usually people drift on home before dark," said Jeanes.

 And they drift back in time, home to the 21st century from musical time traveling back to simpler times in their old time music. 

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