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Mississippi flag supporters say they see heritage, not hate

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Supporters of the controversial Mississippi flag took their turn on the State Capitol steps Monday.The flag fight has been brewing for two weeks now.

"I would fight for that state flag," said rally participant Jeremy Walls. "They take it down, I'll be back to fight for it."

Rally organizer Chad Scott is proud of the history he's trying to preserve. 

"We don't see anything hidden or derogatory in that flag," Scott noted.

He argued progress has been made while it's flown.

"This is not a flag against the African race or to enslave them or oppress them, in my opinion," added Scott.

A few folks watched the rally from a distance. But they struggled to understand the position of 'heritage not hate'.

"I'm Southern," said Kwame Kenyatta. "But this is not about apple pie and Southern hospitality. This represents the continuation of a symbol of hate. And I think we need to call it exactly what it is. Not about Southern heritage unless you say Southern heritage is about the slaveocracy of the South."

Jeppie Barbour is the director of the Coalition to Save the Flag and brother of former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour.

"I'd like to see the politicians just go away," said Barbour. "Second choice, would be for us to vote on it and win. Third choice, would be for the legislature to try to do something on their own and fail."

Barbour called the flag a memorial to Mississippians who served the South in the war. 

When asked if he views it as a racial issue, he said, "I think it's a racial issue anytime some politician can stir it up."

A change-dot-org petition to keep the Confederate battle emblem on Mississippi's flag now has more than six thousand signatures.

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