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Avoid this giant pothole covering both lanes

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Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Pothole filled streets are nothing new in the Capital City but if visiting, you'd better be buckled up when venturing down an unfamiliar street. 

One Jackson street is so overrun with potholes and large craters that it would be wise to go at a snail's pace, but one Clinton man didn't see the danger ahead and learned a hard costly lesson. 

Jackson residents have long complained about Hilda Drive so we took a look for ourselves. I was behind the wheel when I had to slam on brakes to avoid this crater. The water filled gaping hole covers both lanes, forcing motorists to  drive on the shoulder.

Stan Johnson of Clinton wasn't so lucky

."Something needs to be done about the stuff out here," said Johnson.
Unaware of the pothole riddled roadway, Friday he went to visit friends at the G & G Stables, a trip that cost him $685.00.

"I hit a pothole coming out here on Hilda Drive. I went down burst the tire and burst the rim on the tire," said Johnson. "If you're not familiar with the area coming through here, I guarantee, I talked to the people who are actually residents of the barn and stables over here. Everyone that comes in they're kind of accustomed to it."

The entire length of Hilda Drive from West County Line Road to Forest Avenue Extension is one big obstacle course. It's not even possible to drive the posted 35 mile per hour speed limit.

Johnson says his daughter unknowingly also fell victim to the treacherous street when her car hit the same giant pothole.
Both repairs cost him more than $1,100.00.

"It is probably by far the worst one that I've seen in the City of Jackson," said the 48 year old Clinton resident.

There is some consolation for motorists. City of Jackson crews are repairing potholes like these on Flag Chapel Road. Monday they patched it; Michael Clay Drive, Francis Street, Serville Drive and Sheppard Road.

Johnson said he plans to contact the city for reimbursement for repairs to his truck and his daughter's car.

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