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Davis Road Park - will it open?

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Folks in Byram are eager to hear if they will soon be able to enjoy a public park that has been closed for months. As we found out Wednesday, a  new lease for the 16th section land may be nearing a vote.

"We haven't had a game their in almost a year.That's not good," said Byram Mayor Richard White.

So will it be "you're out" or will it be "play ball?"  
Toni Jenkins was parked under a shade tree at the vacant park that is chained off. She would rather be sitting on a park bench. Toni said she was hoping for a positive vote in favor of Bryam taking over the 16th section land.  

"I hoped," she told us. "This is the only park we have here in Byram and a lot of people come out with their family; come out to walk and run and bring their dogs. We don't have anywhere to go."

A lease for this baseball park and playground on Davis Road is now under consideration. In fact, it's in the works between the City of Byram and the Hinds County School District; and I'm told that lease may be voted on by the district Thursday night.
The Mayor of Byram is hoping for a 10 year lease on this property. A lease the Hinds County Board of Supervisors let lapse.  When that happened there was no insurance coverage and the land was abandoned. No trespassing signs are posted. 

If they strike a deal, improvements on this green space could soon begin.  

The next vote would be required by the Bryam Board of Aldermen. If it's a favorable vote, Byram residents can once again play ball.

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