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Yazoo County Justice Court Judges will no longer perform weddings

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Yazoo County's two Justice Court Judges have notified the Board of Supervisors that they will no longer perform weddings.

The letter, sent by Clerk Demetrius Westbrook, says the judges will not perform any weddings as of July 1, 2015, and asked that their decision be entered into the Yazoo County Board of Supervisor's meeting minutes.

In the letter, judges Pam I. May and Bennie K. Warrington cite Mississippi law, which says Justice Court Judges may (not shall) perform weddings. The decision follows the US Supreme Court's ruling that legalized same sex marriage in the United States. 

A person inside the chancery clerk's office says the judge's decision was due to religious beliefs.

"I know both of the judges and they are both Christian people and I think ultimately they have to follow the law but I can see them taking that stand and I kind of agree with them," said Wardell Leach of Yazoo City.

Some people who live in Yazoo County, wish the judges would have asked the public first. 

"They should have gone to the voters to help them decide about it," said Cindy Norman of Yazoo County. "They just made their own decision. But on the other hand, my father was a preacher and he would not have married two men or two women."

We reached out to both Justice Court judges Wednesday regarding their decision and we have not heard back from them yet for comment.

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