Impact of education funding initiative is still being debated - - Jackson, MS

Impact of education funding initiative is still being debated

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A political fight is brewing and children could be caught in the middle. House Appropriations Chairman Herb Frierson told agency leaders Monday to plan on cuts if a school funding initiative passes in November.

We wanted to know how these potential cuts could impact you. The answer is different, depending on who you ask.

You'll vote yes or no on Initiative 42 in November. Representative John Moore thinks a yes vote will mean cutting other services you depend on.

"If the voters decide this is what they want to do, then the rest of state government will have to take the hit for it," said Moore.

But initiative supporter Patsy Brumfield said that worry was taken care of when the ballot measure was created.

"If they felt like it would cause problems, then we had a way for them to phase it in," described Brumfield.

A closer look at Initiative 42, shows money would go to funding K-12 schools only when there was revenue growth. The legislature would have time to bring education up to full funding level. Brumfield thinks lawmakers are just trying to scare voters. But hopes the focus will stay on funding your kid's schools.

"This is the way the people are going to take the power back," noted Brumfield.

Agency heads were asked to plan on cutting nearly eight percent of their budget if the ballot measure passes. Mississippi Alliance of State Employees president Brenda Scott says that could impact everyone.

"You're gonna have less people required to do more," Scott noted. "So services are gonna suck."

State agencies have been asked to present budget cut plans by next week.

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