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99-year-old woman wants Christian flag to go viral

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MCCOMB, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The controversy over Mississippi's state flag and confederate battle symbol continues.

Monday, a group led by the Magnolia Heritage Campaign rallied at the state capitol in support of keeping the flag, despite outcry to change it. But a woman in McComb wants to draw your attention to another flag. 

"We've lost our freedom. They don't want you to pray in school. They don't want you to mention the name of Jesus."

At 99-years-old, Margaret Dunn has seen it all.

But she says she won't go on another day without calling on all Christians to take a stand for their faith. Dunn has purchased every Christian flag in a Jackson flag store and she's selling them for $3, asking people to display them in front of their homes and businesses.

She says the timing has nothing to do with the Confederate Battle Flag controversy. 

"I'm not thinking about that. I'm thinking about Christians and the condition our people are in, from the White House to the outhouse you might say," says Dunn. 

You'll find the flags waving on lawns around McComb and Summit. They're for sale at a pool store nearby. All the cash collected goes to buy more flags. 

"It's remarkable, she started this," says Peggy Brewer. "A 99 year old woman. So you're never too old to stand up for Christ." 

Dunn's flag campaign picked up traction over the weekend when people joined her cause at a patriotic rally in Summit. Country music singer Gary Jolly has noticed and he has taken some of Dunn's most poignant words and put them to music.  

Friends are helping her distribute the flags and spread the word. 

Stephen Smith says, "It's awesome to see that someone that age is still burning with passion."

A few more rallies are being planned for this effort, and if Dunn can be there herself she says she will be. I

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