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Walt's Look Around: Charles Carter's One Man Show

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HATTIESBURG, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Sometimes, don’t you wish you could just do for a living what you want to do instead of what you have to?  Charles Carter quit his full time job and stepped out on his own, and not only is he enjoying what he does now, but so do a bunch of other folks.

A wise old weather man told me a long time ago that if you do for a living what you love to do anyway, you’ll never actually have to go to work a day in your life. Well, that’s not entirely true. But if you like what you do for a living it certainly makes working more enjoyable.

Take Charles Carter from Hattiesburg, for instance. Used to he had a regular job and did his “One Man Show” entertainment on the side.

"I’m what you call an EJ," said Carter. "That’s an entertainment jock. EJ. If you Google it you won’t find it. But I’m an Entertainment Jock. You have DJs, but I’m an E-Jay, I’m the entertainer vocally, I’m the entertainer jazz wise with sax and flute and I’m the DJ so the line dances, whatever you want, I’ve got it for your event."

Charles sort of slipped into his One Man Show business by accident.

"They hired me to do sound and they needed entertainment and the guy had a James Ingram track and said, 'Hey man you can sing this. I know you can.'  said Carter. "I did one song and people started asking me to come. And at that time Walt, when I got into it, I was using a boom box and a case of CDs that I had to dig through and find it before I all these lap tops and iPads and all that."

Before Charles could do his gigs full time he had to quit his day job. And even that sort of came by accident according to his wife, Caroline.

"He sent me his resignation letter to proof read," said Caroline Carter, who is also his business manager. "But he accidentally sent it to his boss. And when he walked in the office his boss said, 'Charles. What’s going on?'"

Well, here’s what’s going on; Charles Carter’s One Man Show. And Charles loves it.

"Number one thing is I work for myself," said Carter. "Number two, it’s like living a dream to do music that you love.

And his enthusiasm is infectious. And the people he entertains catch it. 

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