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CONSIDER THIS: Understand Initiative 42

A few weeks ago I mentioned the importance of doing your homework before you cast your ballot later this year. This week we saw a perfect example of why that research is so important. Unfortunately, in this situation it’s the kids in Mississippi who could be affected. 

Some state leaders are threatening funding cuts if a school funding initiative passes in November. However, Initiative 42 supporters say that shouldn’t happen because of the way the ballot measure was created and that funding would go to K-12 schools only when there was revenue growth.

Consider This:

If you want to determine who is telling the truth just go the Secretary of State’s website and read the referendum yourself. It is pretty easy to understand what should happen if the referendum passes.

Education in Mississippi has been shortchanged for far too long. Regardless of what happens with Initiative 42, state leaders need to honor the obligation to adequately provide funding for our schools.

There are few things that will create a more positive impact on our state than providing a quality education for our children. Right now we are falling far short of honoring that commitment.

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