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Walt's Look Around: Delta Corn

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They’ve just wrapped up the sweet corn harvest near Arcola, but still have about a week’s worth left to sell in their retail outlet in Indianola about a block east of the B.B. King Museum.

Tom Pitts and his folks have been raising and selling sweet corn here for several years. Matter of fact they have a big following.

Rockiell Woods was home in Shaw for the 4th of July holiday and stopped by on his way back to Jackson to get corn. It’s a tradition with him, now. He loves it.

“Yea it is, it’s excellent corn," said Woods. "Actually I’ve tried it, you can actually shuck it and eat it right off the cob.”

The sweet corn patch seems awfully big just to raise ears to sell off the side of the road. And it is. Pitts says lots of folks all over the country are getting to sample our Delta sweet corn from this patch right now.

“We ship corn up the east coast. We sell in Washington D.C., Chicago, New York City, all the way into Canada, down into Florida, over into Texas, up into Oklahoma, “ said Pitts.

One of their trailer rigs was loading up for Vancouver the day I was there. But corn you’d expect to grow here. After all, the Delta is full of corn, although the vast majority of it is field corn and not sweet corn. What’s the difference? My junior high school Principal, Mr. Solomon would tell you to, “Look it up!”

Besides, the subtleties of varieties of corn is not the point of this story. What’s growing in the next field over from where they cut the corn is what surprised me: all sorts of leafy vegetables.

“We’ve added all sorts of greens," said Pitts. "We grow collard greens, turnip greens, mustard greens, parsley, broccoli, squash. We grow others as well.”

They can grow greens in the Delta 10 months out of the year. And same thing as the corn, the greens are chilled, packed and loaded and shipped all over the country from right here in little ole Mis’sippi, including here at home.

Odds are the sweet corn and greens in the produce section at your big name grocery came right here from this patch in the Delta.

Growing vegetables down in the cotton patch, something new that has caught on big with this one Delta planter.

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