Friends of Fallen Riders stand against flag division - - Jackson, MS

Friends of Fallen Riders stand against flag division

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Earlier Sunday bikers across Jackson took a unity ride to take a stand against the division caused by the state flag controversy. 

Members of Friends of Fallen Riders said they are not here to pick a side in the flag fight; they just want to promote unity. 

The bikers started at the Mississippi Trademark and they rode their bikes to the state capitol. 
The same type of event took place in parts of South Carolina, where its state flag was removed last week. 
Organizers say they are tired of the division. 

"Well we originally got the idea from South Carolina where the issue about the flag,; it's so much division amongst people we decided we wanted to join in with them on the same day, same time and do a peace and unity ride," said Stacy Vance, Vice President of Friends of Fallen Riders.

"This is not a moment, it's actually a movement. But it speaks to something much greater than simply the flag itself, but also what the flag represents. We are talking about issues that range to failing to fully find education, to failing to fully fund medicaid," added CJ Lawrence, who wants the flag taken down.

Some of the bikers plan to do future events surrounding the state flag. 

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