This Morning on WLBT: Man shoots wife in head - - Jackson, MS

This Morning on WLBT: Man shoots wife in head

Good morning. 

A man is in custody in Rankin County, accused of shooting his wife in the head. She survived and is being treated at a local hospital. We'll have the latest on the investigation coming up at 6:00 this morning.

Get ready for another hot week. Just how hot will it get, and what are our chance for at least a little rain? Meteorologist Julia Weiden will have the First Alert Forecast as soon as we sign-on.

There's something that millennials are not doing that bankers say is hurting the economy. We'll take a look at what it is and what might be done about it at 6:18 this morning.

And we have a new but familiar addition this morning. Cheryl Lasseter will be joining us from the Alert Center as she tracks breaking news here in town and beyond.

Join Cheryl, Julia, Joy Redmond and me this morning on WLBT from 5-7 and on Fox 40 from 7-9!

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