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Julia Weiden's First Alert Monday Forecast

**A Heat Advisory is in effect for nearly every county in central Mississippi today and Tuesday. Temperatures will feel as hot as 110° this afternoon**

AM Commute: It's already steamy! Temps in the AM are in the upper 70s and low 80s. We'll be near 85 by the 9:00 hour. No rain out there, but haze is likely as we start the day.

Afternoon: Heat will be dangerous today! High temperatures read in the mid and high 90s, but it will feel like 105-110°. We recommend staying indoors in the AC, especially during the peak afternoon hours. The temperatures we're expecting today can cause heat-related illness if one spends too much time outdoors.

A bubble of high pressure is over us, preventing rain from occurring. Today will be mostly sunny.

Rest of the Week: There doesn't appear to be any relief in the near future. Highs hit the mid 90s but feel as hot as 110° pretty much every day. Rain will be minimal and most days will be sunny. Take care of yourself this week, and remember that senior citizens are more susceptible to heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Don't forget the pets- they get hot too! Bring them inside into the AC.

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