Second of four escaped Hinds County inmates recaptured - - Jackson, MS

Second of four escaped Hinds County inmates recaptured

18-year-old Kevin Holmes captured by deputies 18-year-old Kevin Holmes captured by deputies
Source: HCSD Source: HCSD
Jermaine Wilson. Source: HCSD Jermaine Wilson. Source: HCSD
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Another Hinds County jail inmate has been taken into custody.

18-year-old Kevin Holmes has been picked up, Tuesday morning, on Sykes Road.

Four inmates escaped early Monday morning. 

According to detention center officials, the men broke out through the roof. Officials believe the escape was prearranged and preplanned.

"There's preliminary information were getting right now that they may have had assistance from inside and outside," said Sheriff Lewis.

"I don't think any jail in this nation is secure enough to keep anybody inside.  I think you all have seen that across the nation.  We've had some maximum security jails that have been broken out of.  Our jail was built with flaws so even with some of the improvements we made we still have issues were dealing with." 

This was Holmes second escape.

In April he and several others broke out of the downtown detention center.

Today we asked Sheriff Lewis why there was over an 11 hour delay in announcing the escape.

Sheriff Lewis said, "We have to be accurate with information we disseminate to the public as well as to the media.  We have to do a head count once were notified that somebody may be out of place, out of their cell so a headcount takes a while."

Jermaine Wilson had about 16 hours of freedom when he was caught at the intersection of Galvez and Capitol Streets around 6:45 Monday night. 

"He was actually found at this corner by one of the deputies who was patrolling the area and he was able to recognize him at the corner here of Capital and Galvez and took the appropriate action to take him back without incident," said Sheriff Tyrone Lewis.

As of Monday night, Twenty-five year old Montreal Damon Anderson, 18-year-old Kevin Holmes, Jr and 23-year-old John Gregory Rollins were still on the run.

Late Monday afternoon many residents living near the detention center had not heard about the escape.

About a mile and a half away from the jail, on Douglas Drive, residents like Ethel Singleton were shocked. 

The more than 60 year resident was getting her mail when she learned the news.

"I'd like for the county to notify me and the rest of the residents because we don't know and most of us are staying alone," said Singleton. "So we should know when an inmate escapes so we'll know how to protect ourselves." 

Essie Mae Hubbard was very surprised and concerned when she found out about the escapes. 

"I'm just gonna stay in the house as much as I can," said Hubbard. "If I don't have to go out there I'm not going out. If I have to I'm going to be cautious and looking around every which way I can." 

Residents say they want the sheriff's department or county to implement an alert system similar to weather alerts that call home and cell phones when there are escapes or disturbances at the detention center.

Sheriff Lewis says it appears the four inmates had help from the inside and the outside in making their escape. They now face charges of escape and damage to the facility.

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