Is your smartTV spying on you? - - Jackson, MS

Is your smartTV spying on you?

After a long day at work, Dominic Booker likes to turn on his smartTV, watch his favorite show and chat with his family about his day at the office.  But, he never really considered his family may not be the only one listening.

"I am concerned about the privacy of them possibly watching us since the device is hooked up to the internet,” Booker said.

SmartTVs with built-in cameras and voice recognition features could record your conversations and capture your tv web browser history and send it to third parties.

Johnny Maloney has been selling TV’s for decades at Cowboy Maloney’s Electric City. He says protecting your privacy is simple.

"Read the instructions that come with your TV, Maloney said. " And if you’re not using the smart functions disconnect it.”

Dominic says he plans to take those steps to protect his privacy.  

“Regardless, I’m still going to use the smart tv!  I just make sure I don’t add any personal information, said Booker.  "It’s a lot going on these days and you just want to protect your family and your personal life.”

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