Construction on Interstate 55 South has resumed - - Jackson, MS

Construction on Interstate 55 South has resumed

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Mississippi Department of Transportation has now resumed construction of the Interstate 55 South Project from McDowell Road to Byram in Hinds County.

“MDOT recognizes the importance of receiving the best value for the taxpayers of Mississippi and completing this project in a timely and effective manner,” said Transportation Commissioner Dick Hall. 

In order to address public concerns and complete the project in a timely manner, MDOT made the decision to divide the remaining work into two phases.

Phase one construction has begun with a substantial completion date of December 23.

The final completion date for phase one construction is April 15, 2016.

The new contract for phase one construction was approved by the Mississippi Transportation Commission and awarded to James Construction Group of Baton Rouge on June 23.

The total contract amount is $21.3 million, which is 2.67 percent above the state’s estimate. 

The northbound exit ramp at Elton Road is scheduled to open by July 22. 

All other ramps are scheduled to open by September 18. 

Another priority for phase one is to improve travel safety by moving traffic to the outside lanes, away from the current head-to-head configuration.

“James Construction is motivated to finish phase one in a timely manner,” Hall said. “Penalties for missing the opening dates of the ramps will be $10,000 per ramp per day and $25,000 per day if the substantial completion date is not met.”

During the time allotted for phase one construction, phase two plans will be reviewed for accuracy and prepared for the final project.

The phase two contract will reconstruct the southbound lanes of Interstate 55 from McDowell Road to Byram.

The median will also be reconstructed and new roadway lighting will be added to the medians.

Retaining walls between the southbound lanes of Interstate 55 and the frontage road will also be built as part of this contract.

Additionally, MDOT will install a new traffic signal at the Byram interchange and Intelligent Transportation System components, such as traffic cameras and dynamic message signs along Interstate 55.

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