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SPECIAL REPORT: Damsel in Defense

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Ladies, it's time to become confident and able to defend yourselves. We will show you how to push being prim and proper out the window if you're under attack.   

"I never thought I'd have to pull a gun on somebody,” said Brooklyn Burt, the founder of the City of Pearl’s Women’s Auxiliary.

Burt can handle a firearm.  Now she wants to improve her physical self-defense. She gathered a group of women together to exchange etiquette with proper self-defense techniques. Corporal Josh Craig with the Pearl Police Department led the self-defense class.

If you’re attacked, you want to try to hit the attacker in the “Eyes, groin, throat, nose anything to distract them to pain compliance is what I call it,” said Craig.

One of the moves Craig showed the class is called the closed guard. It can break an attacker's arms if you're pinned down. If you're attacked standing up you can grab your attackers head, pull it down and use your knee to kick the groin or face. You can also break an attacker’s walk using your shin.

"As women, we're always afraid that it’s not lady like to hit something, so this was actually kind of nice," said Stacey Nation, one of the women taking the self defense class. "I loved hitting those pads; that was fun." 

Knowing some self-defense is a great way to protect yourself, but it’s not the only way to scare off a predator. Knowing how to use non-lethal and lethal weapons can keep you safe to.

Dawanna Blue works as an Independent Damsel Pro for "Damsel in Defense." Blue sells non-lethal weapons, like stun guns, peppery spray, step off door alarms and kubatons.

“If we're hitting a bony prominence like a collar bone or a soft tissue like the throat or even the arm, it’s just enough for them to let me go so that I can get away," said Blue, talking about the kubaton.

Women should also learn to shoot. As a member of the organization, "The Well Armed Woman," Kim Condon teaches women to shoot at her Boondocks Firearms Training Academy.

"Training is crucial," said Condon. "Owning a firearm is just like owning a piano; it doesn't make you a musician.”  

Training is also vital when it comes to self-defense. Craig says you need to practice regularly.

"I think that everybody should learn self-defense moves," said Nation. "The world isn't what it used to be and you never know what's going to happen.” 

“We need to be able to fight if anything happens," agreed Burt.

For more information of self defense, you can contact one of these organizations:

  • Upcoming self-defense classes hosted by The City of Pearl’s Women’s Auxiliary: email Brooklyn Burt at PPDWomen@gmail.com.
  • Learn more about Damsel in Defense products by contacting Dawanna Blue at Damseldawanna@gmail.com or 601-781-0667. The website is http://www.damselindefense.net. 
  • Learn more about “The Well Armed Woman” 
  • Learn more about Boondocks Firearms Training Academy by calling Kim Condon at 769-972-2382. You can also email mstwawkim@gmail.com.
  • To learn more about purchasing safety weapons one place you can contact is Safety Products Plus. The phone number is 601-238-8108. You can also email safetyproductsplus@yahoo.com.
  • You can also check out safety courses at Mayhem S.O.S.

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