CONSIDER THIS: And then there was one… - - Jackson, MS

CONSIDER THIS: And then there was one…

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Now that South Carolina has removed the confederate flag from the capitol grounds the NCAA has decided to lift its boycott on predetermined championship sites in the state. Cities in South Carolina are now eligible to host NCAA basketball tournaments, conference baseball tournaments and even bowl games. There is only one state that is not eligible for hosting predetermined championships. Yep, it’s right here… Mississippi.

Although it might be tough to win a bid to host a championship with our current facilities, we don’t even get a seat at the table as long as we continue to fly the current Mississippi flag. And things could get worse; the NCAA could ban all post season play in Mississippi until a change is made.  

Consider This:

If Southern Miss, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Jackson State or another state college earns the right to host a post season event, like a baseball regional, they could lose that benefit because of our flag.  College coaches and other university leaders support making a change. They know it hurts recruiting and could cause serious issues if the NCAA enacts new regulations.

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley showed amazing leadership in dealing with the flag situation in her state. Now there are no bans or boycotts and the people of South Carolina, especially college sports fans, will benefit. It sure would be nice if our state leaders would follow her example. South Carolina made a swift change because of a terrible tragedy. There is no reason that it should take a tragedy in Mississippi to bring clarity and wisdom to state leaders to move forward on what is really a very easy decision. 

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