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Walt's Look Around: Mississippi River Flooding

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LOWER MISSISSIPPI DELTA (Mississippi News Now) -

It’s not rare for the Mississippi River to flood, but it is odd for it to be rising this time of the year. It’s mostly affecting crops in the lower Delta, but that’s not quite all.

The Mighty Mississippi is proving it can be mighty pretty much any time of the year it wants to right now. Most of the time if the Mississippi is still high in July it is because there has been an unusually high spring rise and the river is still falling.

This year is just one of a handful of times since they started keeping records on the river that there has been a July rise. So it’s not as rare as a Madison County earthquake, but it’s unusual enough to take a peek at.

Now, by flooding, what exactly do we mean? Well, Noah would hardly take notice. Flood stage at Vicksburg is 43 feet. The river is not quite two feet above that today. And it is forecast to crest a freckle over 45 feet on Friday.

That bottom mark indicating the 1961 high water mark at Vicksburg is about as far as it will go. Compare that to prior floods and you can see this isn’t an earth-shattering event. However, city workers are plugging the floodwall up a few feet in Vicksburg to keep the high water out of the low parts of town.

And up in the Delta, the floodgates on Steel Bayou have been closed, too. That’s also to keep the river in the river and not backing into any more land than it has to in the south Delta.

And this being called a ‘minor flood’ is like someone having minor surgery. That’s something that happens to someone else. There is nothing minor about this if yours is one of the soybean fields being flooded in north Warren and south Issaquena Counties. It’s never a good sign when the egrets are landing out in your bean field catching minnows.

And if you usually take the King’s Point Ferry across the Yazoo Canal above town, you’ll need a ferry to get to the ferry until the water goes down. But right now, mile after mile after mile of south Delta roads are water lined and eventually a lot of them go under water at some point. But Vicksburg’s crest is Friday,

Greenville’s is tomorrow and the Crest at Natchez hits Sunday, with the river being anywhere from two to four feet over flood stage before it crests and starts to fall. 

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