More Firearms Training for MDOC Officers - - Jackson, MS

More Firearms Training for MDOC Officers

Probation and parole agents with the Mississippi Department of Corrections received two days of tactical firearms training this week from the FBI.  A press release sent to our newsroom states, the special training aligns with Commissioner Marshall Fisher’s goal to improve MDOC training.

Probation and parole agents, previously called field officers, now must undergo quarterly firearms training rather than annually.

“Qualifying once a year with a weapon is simply not enough,” said Fisher, a career law officer who started out as a police officer and worked as a parole agent before becoming a federal narcotics agent. “Probation and parole agents deal with felons every day, and they are dealing with more because the department has more people on community-based supervision than incarcerated. And, for whatever reason there seems to be more of an anti-government, anti-law enforcement sentiment in the country today than before. Our officers need to be ready in case they find themselves in a dangerous situation.”

The 21 Community Corrections officers trained at the FBI Training Center at the Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers Training Academy in Rankin County on Thursday and Friday. They also are part of a newly created special response team at MDOC. 

“If you can go through your whole career without having to pull your weapon that would be ideal,” said Nathan Blevins, a Community Corrections associate director.

Blevins has not had to fire his state-issued Glock in the line of duty.

“However, should I or anyone else have to do so, this training from FBI Agent Kevin Sanderson and his staff prepares us,” he said.

Kevin May, an investigator with MDOC’s Corrections Investigation Division, said he deeply appreciates getting the refresher training. “This is the real deal,” said May, also a former sheriff’s deputy.

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