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Walt's Look Around:Grand Gulf Military Park flooding

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GRAND GULF, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It’s kind of like when you are young and first out on your own, you used to go back home to visit all the time. Then, as you got older it turned into just Christmas and Thanksgiving. And then later, just for funerals.

That’s the way I sort of felt going to Grand Gulf this past week. I used to zip down here all the time for stories. There’s a bunch of them here between the bluffs and the Mississippi River in Claiborne County.

But now, it’s just for special occasions. Bud Ross, director of the Grand Gulf Military Park Museum and I were discussing it. I guess the last time I was here was right after the big Mississippi River flood of 2011 when the water got all the way up into the Museum and the park.

"If it happens again, I’m retiring," said Ross.

Well, no danger of having to retire because of this unusual July rise on the river. What you see here in the field across the road from the museum is about as high as the water will get.

The tiny town of Grand Gulf itself has had lots of experience with the river. Much of the town was washed into the Mississippi back before the Civil war. And what few people lived there when water got to the rooftops in the lowland in 2011 moved, about 15 feet straight up.

Ronald Smith from Brookhaven has a camper here he’s had to pull to higher ground because of the water, but he’s still here. Although he may have to find a different plug in if the water goes much higher. But he came to fish. And the high water has had a profound effect on it.

"Making it good, extra good. Making it good," said Smith.

Meanwhile, back in the museum I met a junior historian from Vicksburg; Caleb Odom. He’s going into the 6th grade this fall. I thought I was being smart pointing out what I knew about the museum to Caleb. Then he started telling me about the stuff he already knows.

He’s up on his Civil War weapons. He was as impressed as I am with the letter hand written and signed by George Washington. I figure he’ll be a tour guide here someday if he wants to be. Hopefully I’ll have made it back before then; and just for a visit and not for a special occasion, like the next high water.

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