Prayer vigil held for Ruth Helen Harrion - - Jackson, MS

Prayer vigil held for Ruth Helen Harrion

Family and friends of Ruth Helen Harrion held a candlelight prayer vigil in her honor Saturday.

Harrion was murdered when someone broke into her home last year. She was buried exactly one year ago Saturday. 

Family members are still devastated by Harrion's death. They are still actively pursuing justice for her through a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of Jackson and JPD.

Karla Lewis, Harrion's daughter said not a day goes by without her thinking about her mother. Saturday was extremely emotional for her because it was her birthday.

"Since this was such a horrific crime against my mother so unexpected. You just feel a lot of emotions because of that. And it being my birthday today. Brings a lot of emotions today," Lewis explained.

The brutal murder happened July 15 of last year. 

Harrion called 911 to report a prowler outside of her house. 

JPD Officers responded to the call but did not make contact with her. Moments later she was dead.

"The fact that she called 911, the fact she called 911 twice and they did not keep her on the phone. I feel like if they had, she will still be here today," Lewis said.

Jackson Police say 29 year old Alonzo Stewart admitted to the crime.  

"The family wants answers. It was a tragedy what happened to her and anytime we have a tragedy it's our position as the family's attorney to represent them and to bring forth any issues they may have," said Dennis Sweet, IV, the family's attorney. 

Saturday, it was all about remembering her legacy. Family members say they won't stop until they finally get the justice she deserves. 

"The city has 30 days to respond so it's about two more weeks. We filed a notice of claim letter about three months ago and we haven't heard from the city. We filed a lawsuit about two weeks ago. Hopefully we will hear from them within the next couple of weeks," Sweet explained.

Harrion leaves behind six children and a number of grandchildren. The family says they will still miss her dearly and plan to cherish her memory for years to come.

"She was such a good momma, she was so loving and if you came to her door she'll offer you anything," said Lewis. "If you want something to eat or drink she'll just do it, she was just that type of person."

Harrion's family says they plan to host this vigil around the anniversary of her death every year.

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