Sunday beer sales begin in Clinton - - Jackson, MS

Sunday beer sales begin in Clinton

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CLINTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

July 19th was the first time stores in Clinton could sell beer on a Sunday.

The new ordinance became reality at 11a.m.

Clinton resident said, "Put it on the counter! Yeah, let me get it and it's a Sunday."

Signs posted outside. Inside, coolers were stocked with beer ready for customers to grab and go as the new ordinance was in affect. Beer and light wine can now be sold on Sundays in Clinton. Our cameras were rolling as the first customer purchased beer from a convenience store.

Clinton resident said, "Oh, I like it. I ain't going to lie about it, I like it. I like that fact. That way we can come up here, you know what I'm saying, it really keeps you from going to Jackson."

And keeps the revenue building within the City of Clinton. Back in June the Board of Aldermen voted to change the ordinance allowing restaurants, grocery and convenience stores to sell beer and light wine from 11am until midnight on Sundays.

Jarvese Graves said, "Ever since I was in my teens I've been driving to Jackson for beer on Sundays. That's a long ride because I stay in the country. It used to be like a 20 minute ride now it's like a five minute ride. I'm very happy right now."

According to the ordinance, customers can buy beer containing no more than eight percent alcohol by weight as well as wine with no more than a five percent alcohol weight.

Clinton resident added, "We all buy beer man. I got mine and I'm gone!"

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