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What to do if a dog attacks

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

We hear about dog maulings too often: children getting killed by vicious breeds, adults left with injuries.

Can a small device that emits ultrasonic sound ward off a charging animal? 

We decided to put two dog deterrent tools to the test: The Dog Dazer and the Super Dog Chaser. Along with sound, the Super Dog Chaser includes flashing bright lights to distract a dog.

Randy Hare, who owns Alpha K9 dog training school in Jackson, says he's heard of such devices. 

"In my experience with them, it works with a dog that doesn't have a whole lot of drive," he tells us. "But the ones who have a lot of drive, who intend to do you bodily harm, not so much." 

We first tried the devices on Con, a young Belgian Malinois with a higher state of drive.

We tried Dog Dazer first. Con appeared to hear it. Then we had him fetch a ball and run toward us. 

Con payed no attention to the Dog Dazer while he played fetch. 

The results were the same with the Super Dog Chaser. Con ignored the sound and lights. 

"A dog that's in drive and is coming for a purpose, they have really no effect on," Hare tells us. 

Next we try the tools on Truck stop, a mixed breed who is not driven. 

Both tools appeared to keep him away. 

During our experiment, a small dog on a leash passed by, showing some interest in Truck stop. We tried the Super Dog Chaser on the dog, and he recoiled. 

"The (dogs) that are just pet quality and they're messing around in the yard, you saw a difference. Is it enough to really keep them away, that's still up in the air," Hair says. 

Next, we tested the devices at Bree's Bark Park at Community Animal Rescue and Adoption in Jackson. 

Shelter Director Janet Madden introduces us to Sampson, a golden retriever mix.

"He's a dominant type dog," Madden says. 

Sampson did not appear to hear the devices. 

Then, we experimented with another mid-sized dog. The dog seemed ready to cuddle up to the devices, even as they emitted their high-pitched noise.  

We asked Hare for his opinion on the best method to protect yourself from a charging dog. He says stay calm, and avoid any expression of fear or anxiety. 

"I have found that body language and how the person reacts is more effective than something that might ward them off by a sound of some sort," he tells us. 

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