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Walt's Look Around: Simpson County Swimming Hole

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SIMPSON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

When its hot like this, about the most we can hope for until it cools off is that the air conditioner keeps working.

But, there are other ways of keeping cool.

Too bad they are a little impractical if you are working for a living all day. But every now and again you can slip off and cool off if you know where to There are places you get to visit during your lifetime where you wish you could just live. And a swimming hole in the middle of summer has to be one of them.

Maybe not actually pitching a tent and moving there, but adopting the attitude of the swimming hole and living it instead of the attitude of stress and tension that we tend to surround ourselves with when we’re NOT at the swimming hole. All of that negativity is washed away like sins at a baptism as soon as you jump into the water.
This particular swimming hole in Merit Falls in Simpson County. I swam in it when I was a kid. Now, I have my youngest grandchild with me. She and I have been planning a story-shooting outing since school let out last May, and we finally get around to it on the Friday before school starts again. We just stay too busy making a living to do the things that really count, like swimming at the swimming hole on a hot summer afternoon.
By the way, let me get the disclaimer out of the way. There are no lifeguards at swimming holes, so don’t ever go swim there. That’s for the same people who like to spill hot coffee on themselves at the drive thru and then sue someone. But a swimming hole is one of life’s pleasures. 
Merit falls is spring fed. That means the water stays cool even in the heat of summer. And unless it’s rained recently, the water is relatively clear for a Mississippi creek, too. And deep enough in one spot that some of the kids have found a place under a rock ledge that they jump for an instant breath taking experience of shocking water.
But speaking of rain fed, about lunchtime the clouds started gathering over our swimming hole and the rain fell. And more importantly, lightening started popping. So Emily and I left and ate lunch with the idea that we’d come back after the rain ended. But when we came back, we discovered our peaceful little swimming hole had become a raging torrent. A flash flood of desert gully proportions had hit and ended our outing.
But we can remember. And hum a few bars of the old Scouting song:
Swimming in the swimming hole. ?
Whether it’s hot or whether it’s cold.?
Backstroke, sidestroke, fancy diving too. ?
Don’t you wish you didn’t have anything else to do?

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