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Mississippi babies are dying from unsafe sleeping conditions

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

There's a warning for parents with babies. If you're sharing the same bed with you little one, health officials say you need to stop.

A new case of a baby dying from unsafe sleep conditions was reported Wednesday morning. DHS has not released the location but it says it's a statewide problem.

Hazardous sleeping conditions have now been blamed for six baby deaths, in just three weeks. That's half the total for all of last year. It's alarming numbers for the Mississippi SIDS and Infant Safety Alliance.

"One's too many for us," said Executive Director Kathy Files.

Some parents said they didn't always follow the rules.

"Every now and then I did," admitted parent Jimmy Young. "Because sometimes they'll cry and just like most parents when the kids get to crying, they'll put them in the bed so they can get some sleep."

"I'm very alert and concerned about my kids," noted Jennifer Mays. "So, I made sure I didn't roll over on them."

But experts warn a baby can suffocate while sleeping with a parents in less than five minutes. Kelly Files cautioned, a tragedy could happen to anyone.

"It just takes one time for them to be in the wrong place for something to happen,"said Files.

Files noted infants should always sleep in a crib on their back, without any toys or blankets. The baby could kick a blanket up over their face and not be able to get it off.

"People tend to want to decorate the crib and we tend to think that since babies are smaller and they're little that we want to wrap 'em up and want to put layers of clothes on them," Files described. "But they don't need that."

If you don't have a safe sleeping location for your baby, you can go to your local DHS office for help. There is a prevention program that allows those in need to have a pack-n-play delivered to their home.

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