Firefighters work in extreme heat conditions - - Jackson, MS

Firefighters work in extreme heat conditions

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

As extreme heat conditions linger, firefighters battle blazes and the hot temperatures. We took a look at what it takes for firefighters to stay safe, while protecting you at the same time.

"You know I had my cats in there, I had my hamster," said a fire victim who didn't want to appear on camera. "I could have loss everything, everything could have been a total loss."

Jackson firefighters rushed to the scene.

"They came in, they rescued me and I am happy," said the victim.

Firefighters were geared up in suits called turnout gear. It allows them to walk through fire, and protects them while they work to put out flames and save lives.

"Where do you want these to go?" asked a firefighter who walked up to the victim carrying his kittens.

"During the summer months the added heat is stressful on the firefighters," said Jackson Division Fire Chief Cleotha Sanders.

To put the temperature in perspective for you, Sanders said, if it's 100 degrees outside, it could feel like 120 degrees inside the suit before the firefighter enters the structure that's on fire.

"We want to make sure that they get plenty of water and electrolytes within them to re-hydrate," said Sanders. "So, therefore we do not over work them to the capacity to where they are not the victim."

That is why you will see extra manpower at fires so groups can rotate going in and out of the structure. You will also see rehab stations set up near the fire trucks where firefighters are able to hydrate and prevent possible heatstrokes during the summer months.

"They put these things out of their mind, as far as the heat and the tough work conditions," said Sanders. "Our number one priority is life safety."

"They came in and put the fire out," said the fire victim. "They did an excellent job and I'm glad they did."

A firefighter can stay inside a burning building for about 15 or 20 minutes during the summer months before coming out to re-hydrate.

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