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Certain Chrysler vehicles able to be hacked

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

If you drive a newer model Chrysler, researchers have found flaws in several models that allow hackers to remotely control them over the internet. 

If you drive A Dodge Ram 1500, Chrysler 200, 300 or certain models of Jeep Cherokee and you have an 8.4 inch touch screen radio U-connect package, you could be affected. 

Two researchers first demonstrated the hack to Wired Magazine by remotely hi-jacking a Jeep Cherokee driven by a news reporter. 

The flaw, according to Chrysler, is an unused computer communication channel that is open. They were able to control the brakes, engine and all the electronics. 

So far there have not been any incidents of problems reported by these specific car owners, but local dealers say if you own these vehicles you should download specific software to protect yourself. 

"You just go online to drive you connect dot com and enter the vin number on you car into the search menu and if your car qualifies for the update or needs the update then you download it to a flash drive, said Tony Johnson, General Manager of Howard Wilson Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge Ram. "Plug it in to the USB port of the car itself and just follow the steps on the screen." 

Allan Cole owns a Chrysler 300 and he admits after reading news reports of hackers being able to remotely control some vehicles through an internet system, he became alarmed.

"When I saw they were able to literally take control of that vehicle and treat it like a remote control, that's very concerning," said Cole. "Although what they showed was a test, that's not to say that you won't have people that utilize it for evil intent." 

Cole says he'll be taking his car to the dealership soon.

"My next step is to take the car in for servicing and get that software downloaded so I won't be at risk," added Cole.

If you don't want to do the software upgrade yourself, you can take it to your local Chrysler dealer. If you still have a warranty, the upgrade to the system is covered.

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