Monkeys, rhino's and leopards beat the heat at the Zoo - - Jackson, MS

Monkeys, rhino's and leopards beat the heat at the Zoo

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The scorching temperatures are taking a toll on animals at the Jackson Zoo. From the monkeys to the exotic leopards, the heat is difficult for some of them, so zookeepers are helping them chill out with icy treats and cool baths.  

The  newest member of the Jackson zoo arrived earlier in the week. A beautiful young giraffe named K.D. Knox. Knox hangs out in the shade while his older friend, Casper  basks in the sun.

While the children have their splash pad at the Zoo, and adults have refreshing mist sprayers along the pathway, the animals have their frozen treats to beat the heat. 

Not far way is another compound. And the primates love to see zookeepers coming. They quickly climb up the cage and reach out for the chilled homemade cookies.

"We do try to keep them cool by giving them the treats," said zookeeper Sarah Lilly. "We give them indoor outdoor access during the day and various other things to try and keep them cool."

The zookeepers  are  very concerned about their animals. We found Ronnie, the 41 year old rhino, beating the heat under his custom umbrella. His younger Rhino friend loves to get cooled off with the hose.  

"Yes, like my rhino's, they like to be hosed down," added Sarah. "One of them actually doesn't so we fill his mud bath up and he will roll in it to keep cool. 

We asked, who's the most vulnerable?  

"There are a lot of species who are not from this area," said Sarah. "I have some leopards from Russian area, so this is kind of hitting them hard."

The leopards come out of the shade to grab icy treats as well, Thursday it was frozen chicken.

If it gets too hot they retreat into their air conditioned rooms.

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