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Flora woman tries to take selfie, gets tossed by bison

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Some people aren't so keen about the selfie craze that's taking over the world. Apparently, this bison shares similar feelings.

Brandi Burgess, of Flora, and her daughter, Megan Heathcock, were on vacation with family and took a visit to Yellowstone National Park. 

That's when they spotted something that we don't see much of down here in Mississippi -- bison.

Naturally, this mother/daughter duo found this to be the perfect selfie moment.

Brandi says they were about 25 feet away, and they weren't trying to pose with the bison, but instead were trying to have it as a background. She says other visitors were much closer, but obviously, the bull had his sights set on them.

One minute she was smiling for the camera, and the next minute she was being tossed into the air by the charging bull.

She says her father dove on top of her and stared the bison down until he retreated.

Brandi's shorts were completely left in shreds, but she says she managed to escape the ordeal with only minor injuries.

She may have a very sore bottom, but at least she got the selfie!

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