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CONSIDER THIS: Your comments

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Here is some feedback from you on a variety of topics.

In regards to our new graphics, Jim Galloway says, “I’ve had about enough of your news “banner” in the bottom third of the screen on your news broadcasts. It’s 3 times the size it “needs” to be, and obscures important parts of the video.”

Jim, we keep the graphic up to provide relevant information to the story so people will have that information whenever they are watching. We are constantly reviewing our product and procedures and will keep an eye on our graphics policy.

Tom Holliman didn’t like some of my comments about the flag and Donald Trump and he writes, “What are you an idiot? Or do you have aspirations to run for some political office? Maybe you should keep your mouth shut!”

You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, in fact that’s what we say about Consider This, it’s one of many opinions. It’s meant to spark discussion and respectful debate. To answer your questions, I don’t believe I am an idiot, and I certainly don’t want to hold political office. And since part of my job description includes weekly editorials I guess I’m going to have to keep talking… and I bet one day we’ll agree on something.

Thanks to all of you who share your opinions. Keep the conversation going.

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