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Homeowners say they are fed up with a lingering vagrant

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Some Jackson residents are furious after they said a homeless man moved into an abandoned home in their neighborhood. Three On Your Side spoke to the homeowners who said they want him and the dilapidated home gone.

A Jackson man living on Derrick Street who did not want to be identified said, "I have a vagrant next door to me that's staying there while paying no kind of bills, the backyard is filthy and he is just a nuisance to the whole street."

Another homeowner who wanted to remain anonymous said, "We are homeowners and he's a vagrant over there. We do not need that over here."

Neighbors, some who have lived on Derrick Street just off Bailey Avenue for at least 50 years, don't want their identity shown on camera, but told WLBT this is a well groomed neighborhood and this unwanted man who has been living in the abandoned house for about one year is creating a scare.

The next door neighbor who doesn't want to be identified said, "Just last week he had a machete walking up and down the street."

The frustrated homeowner who remained anonymous said, "I've called the police, but they haven't been able to catch him. He get's out that back some kind of way."

The close knit residents who believe the home is a drug haven said it's time for the vagrant and abandoned house to go.

"And I am praying and hoping that somebody, the city or whoever, will come and push it down. I would jump and shout," said the anonymous homeowner.

Before someone is seriously injured.

That same anonymous homeowner added, "I don't want to be made a prisoner in my own home. We got to deal with this. So, we got to fight like hell I reckon."

If you are facing a similar situation, you can report the problem to the city by calling 311.

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