Recruiting struggles for Mississippi National Guard - - Jackson, MS

Recruiting struggles for Mississippi National Guard

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Army is falling a little short of its recruiting goals for 2015.

Army officials say recruiting is off by about 15 percent so far this year, but they're confident they'll reach their target of 59,000 new recruits by September 30. 

Mississippi National Guard officials say they also believe they'll reach their goal of having 9,900 soldiers by the end of September, but they do admit that recruiting is becoming more challenging.
General Augustus Collins said, "The recruiting base is getting smaller, because we have a number of young men and women who are obese and they can't get in the service. They're not active enough where they can pass an army physical fitness test. A number of them have already had problems with the local law enforcement, so they have criminal records. So, there's a lot of factors that go into finding the right person to be a recruit in our military service, all of our military services."

The Army recently announced plans to cut about 40,000 active-duty soldiers from its ranks over the next couple of years.

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