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CONSIDER THIS: Good Officers

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There has been so much attention on the actions of some law enforcement officers that we can forget there are hundreds of thousands of public servants who are doing the right thing day-in and day-out and serving honorably.

In fact, here are two recent examples, of which there are probably many more that we’ll never hear about, that happened right here in Mississippi.

A young man who was lost in the woods of Holmes County most likely would have died if not for the dedicated work of several Mississippi Department of Wildlife Officers.

A Simpson County Deputy who stopped to help a motorist near Mendenhall with a flat tire ended up going above and beyond. The driver did not have enough money to pay for the new tire so the deputy covered the bill.

Consider This:

In any group, there are going to be some who behave inappropriately, even those who pledge to protect and serve. Those people who abuse the position and the power should be punished.

However, let’s make sure we are not using a broad stroke and indicting all officers for the faults of a few. To all of you who are serving honorably, thank you for your dedication and your sacrifice. Our communities and our families are safer because of you.

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