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CONSIDER THIS: Thanks, Mayor McGee

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Some Ridgeland residents are upset about Costco coming to their city and many have taken out their frustration on Mayor Gene McGee. I believe that anger is unfairly directed at the mayor and he has done an admirable job handling the Costco “rumor”. 

Consider This:

When a major business or industrial prospect is considering a new location it typically involves a confidentiality clause. Mayor McGee was simply following the guidelines of that agreement.

In fact, I applaud him for convincing the company and the developer to reveal its plans to make sure accurate information was available. And I give credit to Costco for hosting a public meeting to discuss those plans.

The property where the company might locate has the proper zoning and is meant for commercial development. So rather than oppose the entire project, why not work with the company to create a design that balances the commercial, residential and recreational needs in the area?

There are many examples from cities across the country where that is common practice. And there are many communities that would love to have a Costco. The company has a good reputation, pays higher wages and supports local initiatives.

Ridgeland and the entire metro area is fortunate that a company like Costco is considering investing here. You should thank Mayor McGee for his role in recruiting business and jobs to the region.

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