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CONSIDER THIS: More support for a flag change

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This week many famous Mississippians voiced their support for a change in the design of the Mississippi flag. And now another community has joined the growing list of cities that are removing the flag from all government property.

The tide for a new design continues to build, however, many politicians have their heads buried in the sand and say a statewide referendum is necessary to decide whether a change is necessary. Did South Carolina need a referendum? No. Did Alabama’s Governor have a referendum before he removed the confederate flags on state grounds? No.  

Politicians need to stop hiding behind a referendum. Unless it is constitutionally mandated, referendums are not necessary. We have a referendum every election when we vote for the people who are going to represent us. If you have been elected then serve, don’t be a coward and put every tough decision up for a vote.

Consider This:

Will this be a better Mississippi if we change the flag or keep the flag? What negative can come from moving forward with a new design? And if we don’t make a change? If you’re honest in answering those questions, the decision is easy.

We’re the hospitality state, but our flag is far from hospitable. The flag will eventually change, so delaying the inevitable is a distraction, waste of energy and makes the state look stupid.

Governor Bryant you need to call a special session, rip the band aid off and let’s move forward.

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