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Guest commentary: Allen Wilkinson

Many of our finest composers have designed their art around religious themes, though many people neither know nor care because what they hear is a moving blend of sound when they listen. If they are religiously inspired it is personal and if they aren't, it hardly interferes with the enjoyment.

When a band plays a song on the field, it renders only music. You aren't hearing words, you are being exposed only to the sound which accompanied them.

I am a former band member and have marched, played and sweated, often with very little recognition from the student body. When a band develops a half-time show, its members EARN the right to perform that show and the ignorance of critics should not interfere.

On August 21st, the Brandon Band was not allowed to perform the half-time show over which they had labored, because of an old Swedish melody to which a hymn has been set. There was concern that it might offend someone who disagreed with the religion of the unsung words.

 If you agree with this decision you aren't protesting a religious representation or supporting the separation of Church and State. You only state that the hard work and dedication of young musicians is less valuable than your thin skin.

That’s offensive.

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