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GUEST COMMENTARY: Mississippi Flag

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By Clyde McGee

“Southern novelist, Walker Percy, argued that the very form of the mind of a historic people is found in its most basic symbols.

After the brutal invasion of the South by Lincoln’s forces, the Confederate Army knew by heritage and history that it must fly the St.Andrews cross which down through the centuries has commanded “resistance to tyrants.”

The sacred emblem on our flag represents the diagonal cross Andrew the first apostle of Christ was crucified on while tied to it for 3 days preaching the word to those who came near before he died.

Our southern Christian symbols are under attack by political and cultural elites pushing an agenda that envisions an America bereft of its honor, character, and founding principles.

Mississippi soldiers followed the battle flag into war, thousands to their deaths. We have always honored our Mississippi veterans.  Confederate soldiers are no different and in 2001 2/3rds of Mississippi voted to keep the battle flag emblem on our flag”. 

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