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CONSIDER THIS: Political office versus personal beliefs

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Kim Davis, the County Clerk in Kentucky who refused to issue marriage licenses has now been released from jail after the judge who found her to in contempt is now satisfied that her deputies are fulfilling their obligation to grant licenses to same-sex couples in her absence.

Consider This:

Ms. Davis has every right to hold fast to her belief that homosexual marriage is sinful and that same sex couples should not be allowed to receive a marriage license. Religious leaders have said they are proud that Ms. Davis has that level of commitment to stay true to her beliefs, however, they also say that using her elected position to push those beliefs is not the best choice. The same situation happened right here in Mississippi when Grenada County Circuit Clerk Linda Barnette resigned her position after same-sex marriage was legalized. Barnette said the Supreme Court's decision violated her core values as a Christian and she could not issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples under her name.

There are certainly laws that make no sense to me and there are probably some laws that you might consider as questionable, but we can’t arbitrarily break those laws just because we don’t agree with them. Kim Davis was elected to public office to uphold the laws of our country. If she can no longer perform her job because her responsibilities are counter to her religious beliefs then she should follow Linda Barnette’s lead and step down from office.

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