CONSIDER THIS: DSU Tragedy - - Jackson, MS


The tragedy in Cleveland at Delta State University is something almost impossible to predict, but it is critical to be prepared if it does happen.

Consider This:

In today’s world, unfortunately, we have to have systems in place to handle situations like yesterday’s DSU incident.

DSU leaders did an admirable job implementing their security plan with prompt communication to students, parents and faculty and quickly locking down the facility. Law enforcement and emergency management responded as they are trained to do, charging towards the danger and helping to evacuate the students safely.

Hopefully something like this will never happen again, but just as this tragedy was unpredictable being prepared with a plan was critical. In the coming weeks it will be important to evaluate what worked, what didn’t and update that plan so that DSU and all schools, colleges and universities can be even more prepared in the future.

Now, however, it is a time to remember the victims.

Our prayers go out to their families and to the Delta State community.

Godspeed to all of you at DSU over the coming weeks and months as you reflect, heal and begin the process of moving forward.

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