Murder suspect arrested in Jackson street racing case - - Jackson, MS

Murder suspect arrested in Jackson street racing case

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

East Frontage Road in Jackson, a drag strip of sorts, is where an exchange of words led to an exchange of gunfire over the weekend.

Police said one of the bullets struck Christopher Silas, 18, in the back. He died at the scene.

For more than an hour Monday, investigators returned to the scene of the crime, lifting up manholes and looking for a murder weapon.

Meanwhile, Silas' sister Courtney kept replaying the event in her mind.

"I was laying in bed and couldn't sleep, and all of a sudden I got a call from my mom, said Courtney Silas.. "She was just hysterical. Sounded like she was in shock. She said Chris had been shot in the chest." 

Silas fought back tears as she talked about her younger brother and a manic Saturday morning she'll never forget.

"When I got there, it was just too late," she said. "I don't want to believe it. I just felt like a bad dream, a nightmare I wanted to wake up from." 

Courtney said her brother had gotten a call from one of his friends to come to East Frontage Road, where several people had been illegally drag racing.

She says Christopher's friend had gotten into a disagreement with someone else over a bet made from those races, so he called Christopher to help resolve the situation.

"They know that they could call him and he'd be right there," Courtney added. "He just called him at the wrong time; wrong place, wrong time." 

Courtney said Christopher fixed the dispute and was walking back to his car when someone shot him once in the back. He died a short time later.

"I've heard that version along with three or four other versions," said Jackson Police Chief Lee Vance. "We're not prepared to draw a conclusion at this point. That may well be (correct), but whatever the case is, is it worth somebody losing their life?" 

Police believe the man who gunned down Christopher is 20-year-old Deion Hicks, now charged with murder. Minutes after the shooting, an officer was questioning Hicks when shots rang out again, injuring the suspect.

Christopher's father had a few words to say regarding the man who shot and killed his son.

"I personally want to say to the shooter's family that, me personally, that I'm forgiving him. I forgive him," said Willie Silas.

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